Could A Silverado Bison be On Way? Silverado Marketing Boss Answers

Some new information coming from last week’s SEMA show suggests that there could be some more collaborations coming between American Expedition Vehicles and Chevrolet. Meaning that there could be an expansion of the Bison line from the Colorado to maybe the Silverado.

Hugh Milne, Silverado marketing boss, spoke with during the show. “I think there’s a history there with Chevrolet and AEV, and you’re going to see that history continue. Especially as we look at more off-road opportunities,” Milne said.

So what about a Silverado Bison, an increased-capability off-roader like the Bison version of the ZR-2? “Who knows, right? The possibilities are endless. You look at what we’ve done with Trail Boss, and I wouldn’t rule anything out,” he said.

It’s not exactly confirmation, but it’s not the usual flat-out no, either. MCT reached out to contacts at AEV, who had previously said half-ton pickups were a tough go because that group of buyers was more interested in desert jumping than the slow rock crawling and overlanding that was AEV’s forte. Those contacts were keeping silent this time.

There’s a lot of room to play between the Trail Boss’s mild lift and the air where Ford’s Raptor lives. It’s not hard to guess that GM would like to fill that void if it thinks it can do so profitably.