Report: C8 Corvette Delayed 6 Months by Electrical Gremlins

The C8 Corvette’s release has been delayed six months due to electrical issues, according to a report from GM Authority.

The news follows another report stating that the C8 would not be released at the Detroit auto show, contrary to oft-repeated rumors.

Sources speaking on condition of anonymity told GM Authority that the development team found that the vehicle’s electrical system can’t carry enough load to support all of its components.

Naturally, the engineers are doing what they can to fix the problem, but that requires not only finding a solution but working with suppliers to find parts that can be provided at scale.

According to the report, that’s enough to delay the project by six months and turn the 2020 Corvette into a 2021 Corvette.

And it goes to prove that even the best engineers can be taken down by electrical gremlins. So it’s not just you and your project.

[source: GM Authority]