Pontiac Sells Three Times at Emotional Charity Auction

It got real dusty in a rural Alberta auction house, after a Pontiac Parisienne sold three times, then was returned to the family that was selling it.

It started with a motorcycle collision in May. Brent and Nicole Keryluke were killed in the collision, leaving two young children behind. The grandparents of the children are now caring for them, but need funds to pay for the cost of raising them along with some ongoing medical expenses.

Brent owned a 1973 Parisienne, think Canadian version of the Bonneville, that he had been working on before his death. The car was supposed to go to the kids when they were old enough to drive, but with medical bills arriving it needed to be sold. So it went up for auction at EG Auctions this past weekend.

The auction company told the crowd why the car was being sold and started the bidding. It quickly sold for CAD $29,000, a high price for that car. That’s when things got special.

The buyer donated the car back, and it went up for sale again. This time for $30,000. Then the same thing happened and it sold a third time. For $20,000. And with that final sale, the car was returned to the family.

The event raised $100,000, about US $77,000 for the family. And they’ll still get to drive their dad’s car. In a few years, at least.