NYIAS Day 2: The 5 Best Things We Saw


I have to say Dodge’s new ostentatious additions to their paint palette are actually downright gorgeous in the metal.

Alfa’s 33 Stradale is actually the sexiest car ever made. And the model knew it too (which was cool), she wasn’t even offended when I asked her to move out of the way.

Chevy pulled the sheet on the ZL1 rag top, which while not quite as sporting as the coupe it certainly is just as pretty. Something more exciting than silver would have been nice though. It also featured carbon throughout the interior, something Chevy hasn’t said much about yet.

Toyota brought along Denny Hamlin’s 2016 Daytona 500 winning car, only they didn’t actually bring Hamlin’s car. NASCAR has a new mandatory digital dash for the 2016 season, the supposed 2016 Daytona 500 winning car still featured analog gauges. Not cool boys.

Fiat’s 124 Spider Elaborazione Abarth is rightfully a cool little roadster, maybe not as pretty as it could have been but I digress. For what it’s worth I did see two of Cadillac’s marketing guys crawling all over the regular 124 Spider.