Development Application Reveals New Details About GM’s Toronto Mobility Campus

Development applications recently submitted to the City of Toronto reveal GM has a much larger vision for the seven-acre property than originally thought. 

Last year after purchasing land on Toronto’s underdeveloped Eastern waterfront, GM Canada announced plans for new offices, a multibrand dealership, plus a research and development mobility campus.

Officially named the Toronto GM Mobility Hub, the development documents propose a winged 5-storey multi-use structure which will house a hip new HQ for Cadillac Canada, a home north of the border for GM’s growing Maven ride-sharing service, additional sales offices, plus dealership and service space for the four GM brands.

However, the crown jewel of the 280,852 square-foot structure is an Urban Mobility Research and Development lab which will bring in nearly 300 high-paying tech jobs.

There’s also a public cafe planned, likely the site of Cadillac House North, while the dealerships and service center gives GM a presence in Toronto’s downtown core it hasn’t had for over a decade.

“It gives us the base we’re looking for to have General Motors re-enter downtown, but not in the traditional sense,” David Paterson, GM Canada’s vice-president of corporate and environmental affairs told The Globe and Mail last year. “This is the one property we’re investing in.”

Two other development sites are proposed for the north side of the property as employee servicing retail space and office space for rent. One structure will retain and incorporate the existing buildings built in the 1920s as a “form reference to the area’s industrial past,” but more evaluation will continue as part of a future development. Several sustainability features like bioswales, grey-water reusage, and green roofs feature in the proposal.

The project also aims to improve the public space surrounding the site, adding 120 new trees, generously wide sidewalks and space for cyclists to a neglected corner of the city.

The development documents were submitted on March 31, 2017, but there are currently no hearings regarding the project scheduled. GM did re-lease the property to Cinespace for another 12-months after purchasing it from the film studio–even so, the approval process is expected to take several years.