LOL: GM Still Won’t Admit the Mid-Engine Corvette Exists.

It’s General Motors policy to not talk about future product, which is fair, but this is borderline absurd.

At the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, we had the opportunity to sit down with Tadge Juechter, GM’s executive chief engineer of Performance Vehicles, and the gatekeeper of all things Corvette. We talked about amicably about autonomy, fuel economy regulations, and math, until the conversation turned towards the mid-engine Corvette.

“Now you see, I can’t even acknowledge the premise of that question,” said Juechter. “General Motors and the Corvette team do not talk about future product, we do not acknowledge anything that’s coming beyond this car right here [ZR1].”

However, at the end of December GM’s Superfortress of intellectual property protection was breached by a rogue employee who published pictures of CAD drawings pertaining to the mid-engine Corvette and the Gen VI small-block architecture. We told Tadge GM’s legal department threatened a lawsuit if we didn’t retract the pictures of pictures due to copyright infringement, thus confirming their legitimacy as CAD drawings pertaining to the upcoming C8 Corvette

“Well, I don’t work for the GM legal team. [laughs] But I can’t hold it against you, you gotta at least try and get something out of me.”

Our sources point to Detroit 2019 as the likely launching place for the C8 Corvette, we know GM was hoping for a Ford GT style surprise reveal but that seems seriously unlikely at this point.