Cadillac’s Modest European Push…

Cadillac aims to dip its toes into European sales waters to the tune of 1000 sales, targeting buyers who “prefer to be different.”

The brand is preparing to launch the new CT6 sedan and XT5 crossover in Europe across 45 dealers in 12 countries; with the goal of doubling that network before 2020.

Cadillac’s new European Head of Product, Barnabas Vincze, says sales targets are double the 550 cars it sold last year. Cadillac will be looking to cover the major European cities with its expanded dealer network, he also hinted that 2,000 sales could be possible under the right circumstances.

Germany, Switzerland and Sweden are currently Cadillac’s largets markets in Europe.

Vincze told AutoCar Cadillac wouldn’t be targeting traditional shoppers of the premium Teutonic trio– “if you want a German premium car, you’ll buy one.”