Holden Trademarks Camaro Name in Australia

General Motors’ Australian division has trademarked the name Camaro. 

According to Car Advice, this is the latest piece of evidence suggesting the sixth-gen Camaro will soon head to Australia potentially wearing the iconic Holden lion. 

The trademark filing isn’t a case of simple protectionism, GM has registered the name for use on decals, pens, clothing, footwear, hats, advertising, services, and automobiles, naturally, which indicates GM isn’t just looking to import the Camaro but also porting over the culture that surrounds the iconic pony car. 

It’s unclear if the Camaro will arrive as a Holden itself, or if it will wear the HSV or Walkinshaw badge instead. Of course, it’s entirely possible the Camaro shows up still wearing its traditional gold Chevrolet bowtie.

What would have been nice is a resurrection of the famous Holden Monaro name. The Monaro badge hasn’t been seen since the Zeta-based coupe went out of production in 2006, it briefly came to America badged as the Pontiac GTO.

Stay tuned.