GM Wyoming Plant Sees $119 Million in Upgrades for Next-Gen Pickups

General Motors has made big upgrades to a Wyoming plant in order to let it build axles for Chevy and GMC full-size trucks. It was showing off the upgrades earlier this week, as production of the new parts is underway.

The GM Components Holdings plant, which is in Wyoming, MI, not Wyoming the state, has gotten $119 million in upgrades to build axle assemblies and gears for the next-generation of Sierra and Silverado. WZZM Grand Rapids reported on the upgrades, which brings production of the axles in-house. Current generation truck axles were outsourced.

The report says that the new changes created around 300 jobs at the facility, bringing the total number of employees there up to around 900. The GM facility also builds engine components used in other GM vehicles. Parts like valve lash adjusters, hydraulic lifters, cam timing phasers, and other metal stampings.

The Wyoming plant has been machining auto parts for nearly 70 years and was the original home of GM’s Diesel Division, which made diesel engines for trucks, boats, and military vehicles.

[source: WZZM]