GM Working on Flying Taxis? Ultium May Make it So

GM CEO Mary Barra made her first public reference to flying taxis at a conference this week. The comment is the biggest official hint yet that the automaker is considering moving into the skies.

“We believe strongly in our EV future and not just for vehicles,” said Barra. “The strength and flexibility of our Ultium battery system opens doors […] including aerial mobility.”

While the comment could be taken as light-hearted reverie, Reuters reached out to the company for further comment and received only: “it’s an area we’re really excited about and looking at,” from a spokesperson.

Although flying cars may sound like the height of fancy, more compact and effective battery technology, as well as autonomous technology may make the concept workable. Without the need to train people as pilots, they could simply jump in and fly to their location autonomously.

Indeed, Hyundai, Toyota, Daimler, and Volkswagen have all released flying concept cars.

Even if it’s viable, though, how near the technology is remains to be seen. Autonomous cars, after all, keep running into problems with public perception and integration.

Still, if the world’s automotive giants are seriously looking at the technology, it may actually happen. How the world’s private helicopter pilots will fare, we know not.