GM Wants to Pick Up Ford’s Sedan Sales

It’s a common refrain from the automotive industry. Sedans are dying, crossovers are the new hotness. It’s to the point where Ford is pulling out of the passenger car market altogether.

But where Ford and other brands are pulling out, GM sees an opportunity, according to a report from Automotive News. GM will keep making sedans in every segment, says Steve Majoros, Chevy’s marketing director for cars and crossovers, and will try to pick up competitor’s sedan buyers.

“It’s a pretty big opportunity for us,” Majoros told Automotive News. “As other people are making noise about leaving the car business or thrifting back their portfolio, there’s still business to be had there. It’s just going about the business in a smart fashion.”

That’s why they’re bringing out products like the Malibu RS, to try and capture mid-to-lower end car customers. And with updates to the Sonic and the Cruze, GM is ready to pick up its competitors’ scraps.

This is par for the course for GM, which made the same argument following Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal. Back then, they said they would pick up the Golf diesel’s sales with its own Cruze diesel.

That argument was based on a drop in sales not based on customer disinterest, but on a tangible scandal, though. Majoros feels, though, that car sales will stop falling, telling AN that he believes they’ve bottomed out.

“There’s still volume to be had there,” he said. “We’ve done a nice job about taking a responsible approach to the product. If other competitors are leaving, we’re very happy to pick up that business, and we’ll certainly do that.”

[source: Automotive News]