GM Wants Cadillac Sales to Double by 2021

Under Johann de Nysschen, Cadillac’s erstwhile boss, sales GM’s luxury brand rose 35%. That’s a figure that would normally be cause for celebration, but for GM, it wasn’t enough.

According to Cadillac Society, GM told Deutsche Bank at a recent presentation to investment bankers, that it expected Cadillac sales to double by 2021.

The growth will come from North America and China and will be thanks to the brand’s many upcoming products.

It should come as no surprise that GM expects Cadillacs crossovers, the XT4 and the upcoming XT6 to lead sales. The CT5 sedan, though, will also be a factor in the growth, according to GM insiders.

Moreover, Cadillac expects to launch a new vehicle every six months until 2021. That means that by the time this growth spurt is done, the brand will have introduced five vehicles lines.

And they aren’t sacrifices profit, either. Chuck Stevens, GM’s CFO, told investors (according to Cadillac Society), that Cadillac’s profit would double along with its sales.

[source: Cadillac Society]