GM Korea to Unveil New Spark Next Week

Just four days after Chevrolet announced that it would be giving the Spark a round of minor updates for the 2019 model year, Reuters reported that the small car’s future was shakier than Berkeley. Now, though, GM’s Korean unit is announcing that it will show off a new Spark locally.

That bodes well for fans of the embattled subcompact car segment. Since the car is built in South Korea, the unit’s willingness to show the car off indicates that they aren’t dropping it immediately.

Fears that GM will drop its small production were stoked recently by analysis by Morgan Stanley. Citing Ford’s decision to stop offering cars in North America, a quick look at the numbers shows that the same logic applies to GM.

Even more alarmingly for fans of small cars, GM’s profit-prioritizing strategy means that the South Korean’s unit path to success is lined with small SUVs.

A May 23 Spark reveal, though, suggests that the car will be offered on the global market past 2019. Unfortunately, we still know little about the Spark that GM Korea will unveil.

The facelifted, North American Spark saw changes to the front fascia, a larger grille, integrated headlights, and slightly updated body lines.

[source: GM Authority]