GM Files New Trademark For Electric Bike Slogan

Earlier last month, GM announced that it was planning a new line of electric bikes. And it wants YOU! to help pick the new brand’s name. Well, now it looks like they’re not crowdsourcing the whole thing. The automaker has trademarked a new phrase that looks to go along with whatever new name takes the top spot.

“Change Your Perspective” is the line GM has registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We’re not positive it’s to cover bicycles, but GM said in the filing that it was for “bicycles, electric bicycles, motorized bicycles, and structural parts thereof; motors for bicycles; electric conversion kits for bicycles comprised of motors for bicycles and electric handlebar motor controls.” Ok, so maybe we’re pretty much positive.

Though it’s easy to argue that cars are actually the change of GM perspective. After all, the Rapid Motor Vehicle company, that later became GMC started off building bikes. And Louis Chevrolet learned his trade with bicycles and even built them for a while. Before turning to cars.

If you think the slogan sounds familiar, well then you’ve probably heard it from the last group to have a trademark on it. The Visitors Bureau of Greater Kansas City, who cancelled the mark in 2016. Ok, you probably didn’t hear it there.