Future GM EVs to Get 180 Mile Charge in Just 10 Minutes

GM is working on technology that will drastically improve the speed at which its EVs recharge. With time, GM figures its cars could recharge faster than Teslas do at their superchargers.

Whereas the Bolt currently takes about 30 minutes to get you 90 miles of range, GM wants to give you 180 miles in just 10 minutes, according to a Bloomberg report.

The automaker is working with Delta Americas to develop the fast charge technology as part of a three year project.

GM is just one of a number of automakers seeking to speed up recharge times. With ranges cresting 200-miles per charge, shortening recharge times to approach gas-filling times will be the next priority, especially in big cities, where EVs perhaps make the most sense.

While range isn’t really an issue anymore for drivers who live in a big city, access to chargers is. Shortening the amount of time it takes to charge a car may help to make an EV infrastructure more realistic.

[source: Bloomberg]