What Do You Do with the First C8? The Guy Who Bought It Says You Park It

What do you do with the very first C8 Corvette after spending $3 million to buy it? You don’t drive it. At least that’s what Rick Hendrick says his plan is for the soon-to-be-collectible set of wheels.

Hendrick, who owns 94 car dealerships (including 15 Chevy stores) and an exceptionally successful NASCAR Cup Series team, talked to the Detroit Free Press about his Corvette history and C8 number one in particular.

His first date with his wife was in a 1963 Corvette, around 50 years ago. He then sold that ‘Vette in 1976 to pay for his first car dealership. Hendrick has purchased numerous number one cars at various auctions and has one of the largest collections of Corvettes in the world. Many of which are VIN 001 of their respective generation or model.

About the sale, “I’ve been going to those auctions for 25 to 30 years and I’ve bought a lot of No.1s at auction for charity,” Hendrick told the Free Press. “But nothing like this car. This had bidders from all over the world. It was so much drama. When you have the CEO of General Motors on the stage, that’s a big deal.”

“This is a car many people had their eye on. I was hoping I could get it and it didn’t get out of my price range,” said Hendrick, who didn’t say exactly what his range was. He did say that the $3 million he paid for it, “was close to my limit.”

Hendrick is planning to head to Bowling Green next month to watch it come off the line. He’ll let the car stay at the Corvette museum there before bringing it home. But what happens to it then? It will go into his collection, alongside cars like the first cars built from 1955, ’56, and ’57, the first ZR1, and his 32 1967 427 cars.