Fiero Museum Destroyed by Flood is Giving Away Parts Not Destroyed

Fieros Forever of Sanford, Michigan is giving away all the parts that weren’t destroyed when flooding swept through northern Michigan late last week.

The flooding was described as a once per 500 year event and cause the collapse of two dams. Naturally, communities in the affected area were devastated by the flooding.

Among them was Tim Evans’ museum dedicated to Fieros. Forever Fieros had a number of rare and well preserved Fieros, including a 1984 pace car edition Fiero, an IMSA race car, rare body kits, and more. Much of the collection and parts were damaged in the flooding.

Yesterday, the Midwest Fiero Clubs Region of the AACA posted to Facebook to say that Fieros Forever would be giving away parts for free next week.

“Any parts they want are available for the next week only. They have all been sorted and put outside near their destroyed building,” it said in the post. “They need to be picked up by this time next week as they must get the area cleaned up. Please pass the word along.”

The post also adds that the museum has a Gofundme page where interested parties can donate to help with cleanup efforts.

Lead image by Jonrev at English Wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by MB-one using CommonsHelper., Public Domain, Link