The Electric eCOPO Camaro is Up for Auction

Remember the electric Camaro drag car that Chevrolet showed off at SEMA last year? Unlike most concept cars, especially ones with experimental powertrains, this one’s not headed to a museum or the crusher. You can buy it.

The E-Copo Camaro used a pair of electric motors and four 200V battery modules. That gave the car more than 700 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque.

The electric motors sent power to the massive rear slicks through a highly modified Turbo 400 automatic transmission. Chevrolet was still testing the car when they revealed it, but they said that nine-second quarter-mile times were on the table.

The car comes with some sweet hood graphics, eCOPO badges, and yes, that electric powertrain is included. No EV1 repeat here. If you’re worried about being more familiar with small blocks than electrons, the auction listing says that the car will come with support and training to help you get this electric dragster up and running.

The eCOPO is said to be able to run a 9.51 at 140 mph. And there’s video of it pulling wheelstands from a launch. Both things we’d never have expected from an electric car 10 years ago.

It’s up for auction this Friday at Russo and Steele Monterey.