The eCOPO Breaks Into the Nines, Pulls Better Wheelie

Almost exactly two weeks ago, video of Chevy’s eCOPO electric drag racer emerged, showing it running 10s in the quarter mile.

While ten seconds in the quarter is nothing to sniff at (in fact it’s real quick), you could be forgiven for finding that time a little disappointing from a one-off, purpose-built electric Camaro.

A Tesla Model S with all the options selected (and four doors and all the trappings of road cars) will also run in the tens, albeit the high tens. That’s because electric cars, which produce all their torque immediately, are really fast in a straight line—countless electric supercars have advertised themselves on this ability.

But Chevy promised that the 10.1 was the eCOPO’s first pass, and wasn’t meant to be taken as a demonstration of the car’s ultimate speed. The brand promised a run in the nines, and now they’ve delivered on that promise with a 9.837-second quarter-mile time at 134 miles per hour.

It’s hard to know if the eCOPO will go even faster, but for now the 800 volt, 700 hp electric Camaro can at least take comfort in the fact that it is very, if not unassailably fast.