Why Are Diesels Still Even Around? They’re Kind of Better

Obviously “better” depends hugely on your needs, and if better is defined by how few NOx particals you emit, then gas is better. But diesel engines do a lot of things really well.

Torque, first and foremost, is one of the things that diesels do better than gas engines. That’s why they’re used in most heavy trucks and for commercial uses.

Economy is the second area where diesels leave gas behind, which explains why they’re so popular in Europe, where gas is crazy expensive.

Turns out that the reasons for both of these are related and Jason Fenske breaks down the five biggest reasons in his latest Engineering Explained video.

The reasons are as follows: diesels can use higher compression ratios, have faster combustion, have greater stroke lengths, tend to be turbocharged, and diesel just has a greater energy density.

Naturally, this is something of a moot point for cars since German cities are looking to ban diesels after someone ruined it for everyone. But it is at least interesting to see why Duramax is likely to last.