Did Katech Just Out the 2018 Corvette With an LT5 V8?

You guys remember Katech, the long time catalyst behind Corvette Racing before GM brought all competition engine development in house?

Well, their website has already made provisions for the “2018+ Corvette ZR1/Zora LT5,” do they know something we don’t?

Screenshot (14)

Back in 2013 GM reapplied to trademark the LT5 moniker–the C4 ZR1 used a quad-cam small-block LT5 V8 developed by Lotus Engineering and built by Mercury Marine–leading to speculation we may see a new overhead cammed V8 in the next Corvette.

Just a year after regaining the rights to LT5, GM filed to patent the name “Zora,” which kicked off fresh speculation that GM would use that name on a special mid-engine Corvette–just like Zora Arkus-Duntov wanted

GM’s has been heavily investing in Bowling Green, it’s new “paint shop” has doubled the size of the facility by 50 percent–call me crazy but who else thinks we’re dealing with more than just a paint shop down in Kentucky?

None of this is conclusive naturally, but the plot is indeed accelerating.