Corvette ZR1 Makes Very Special Sounds at Laguna Seca

The who’s who of Chevrolet Performance were not-so-quietly out for a track day at the classic California circuit.

According to Corvette Blogger Chevrolet had four different ZR1s lapping at different times during the day; two with full fledged aero packages and two with smaller wing packages. The quartet was also joined by a C7 Z06 and the recently released Camaro ZL1 1LE.

Note the slightly different sound pouring from the ZR1 compared to the high pitched whine of the LT4 in the ZL1. Rumor has it the ZR1 will debut a 6.2-liter 4-cam, 32-valve V8, GM’s first DOHC 8-cylinder since GM stuffed the Lotus-designed, Mecury Marine-made LT5 in the original C4 ZR1.

One thing is for sure, those Corvette prototypes look absolutely hooked up coming out of Laguna’s legendary corkscrew.