Chevy Teaches You How to Make a Water Rocket

With science classes being what they are these days, practical demonstrations of scientific concepts might be hard to come by. But Chevy’s here to help.
With a fun, dialogue-free video, they teach you and your kids to make a water rocket and learn about pressure, burn times, and reaction mass.

The video requires a few items, most of which will be easy to find. The hardest, probably, being a tire stem, but that can be found in a number of shops. With just a bit of assembly to do after that is inflate and count down.
With this experiment, you can demonstrate, among other things, Newton’s Second Law of Motion. The more you inflate the bottle, the higher it goes, proving that a greater force causes a greater reaction.
By angling the launchpad you can also have fun learning things about projectiles and how angles affect distance and height. Put more scientifically, you can learn about rocket trajectories
The water in the rocket is also a lesson. Being heavier than air, the action force required to evacuate the water means your rocket will go higher. But as with trajectories, there’s a tradeoff. Balancing weight and force means finding a happy middle.
And all of this learning while watching rockets pop. Science is fun.