Chevy Bolt Deliveries Hit All Time High

National availability is increasing, as are sales. 

In June, General Motors delivered 1,642 Bolts, a 5% jump from May figures, and the highest monthly total for the 238-mile battery electric vehicle.

Year to Date, Chevrolet has shuffled off 7,592 Bolts before it even reaches national availability later this year— Tesla has only moved 8,900 Model S’ since January.

It’s not a totally fair comparison considering the $37,500 Chevrolet Bolt is the first truly affordable all-electric vehicle on the market, while the Tesla Model S costs effectively double that.

June’s sales numbers were achieved from just 16 states; Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania will get their shot at the Bolt in July, with the remaining 30 states coming online the following month.

GM is targeting 30,000 sales nationwide, but at the halfway point of the year, the Bolt still hasn’t made 50% percent of the stated goal.

The question is then, will the rest of the country gobble up a further 22,400 cars in the back half of 2017?

I hope so…