Chevrolet Reveals C8 Nurburgring Lap Time

Chevrolet has just confirmed that it has set a ‘Ring time for the new C8, with Corvette Racing hotshoe and Le Mans winner Oliver Gavin behind the wheel. So how quick is it? Slower than a C6.

Ok, that’s not fair. Yes, the Nurburgring lap time, which Chevrolet confirmed to Roadshow, was slower than the C6 Corvette. But this is a base model C8 and that was a track-ready C6 Z06 model. And the times weren’t that far apart.

7:29.9 is the time that Gavin was able to extract from the 495 hp C8 Corvette Stingray with Z51 package. The five-time Le Mans winner Tweeted yesterday that “I had a great time behind the wheel of the Corvette Stingray last summer in Germany. Take a close look at the Corvette Documentary Trailer to see how we did, they even let me set a laptime!”

That time is just a hair off of the Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series and McLaren MP4-12C, and right on top of the Ferrari Enzo. It’s about seven seconds back of a C6 Z06, but to be fair to the C8, this was just the base car. We’re sure that the performance C8s will be even quicker. How quick was the C7? Chevrolet never gave out an official time for that generation of the car, though German magazine Sport Auto ran a C7 Z06 around the ring in 7:13.9.