Your Chance to Buy a Brand New 1968 Yenko Camaro is Here

If you’re a fan of The Grand Tour (or just of classic cars in general), you may be aware of the fact Jaguar decided to make some “continuation” XKSS not too long ago.

These aren’t quite reproductions, nor are they quite original. Instead, they’re brand new cars but they’re made in exactly the same way as the original cars and sold for gobs of money.

Well, the license holders to the Yenko Camaro want to do the same thing. Brand New Muscle Cars and General Marketing Capital Inc, who own the licensing rights to Yenko are planning on making a limited run of brand new Yenko Camaros.

And don’t think that this is a cheap ploy to make some money, BNMC and General Marketing Capital, Inc.—despite the name—are serious about the authenticity of this car and the cars will be added to the Official Yenko Worldwide Registry.

First tried in 1967, the original Yenko Camaro was the brain child of Don Yenko and his eponymous dealership. The recipe at the time was pretty simple. Take out the L78 engine in the Camaro SS and replace it with an L72 427, thereby bumping power up from 375 hp to 450 hp.

Along with the swapped motor, Yenko also added a “Stinger” hood and factory spoilers front and rear (though some early models came with special spoilers designed for Yenko) and Yenko badging.

BNMC hasn’t revealed just how many they will build, but pricing starts at just under $150,000. Compared to the price of an original Yenko (as much as $500,000 and of which there are fewer than 200), that’s a pretty sweet bargain.

“The Yenko Continuation Car is the culmination of my personal and professional experience,” writes David Miller, president of BNMC. “I’m what you would refer to as a Camaro guy, and in my opinion, Yenko represents the ultimate Camaro. We couldn’t be more proud to have been selected as an official Yenko licensee.”

[photo by Dana HurtOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link]