Camaro Refresh Details, New Performance EV Info Comes from Chevrolet Dealer Convention

The mid-engine Corvette wasn’t the only news to sneak out of Chevy’s dealer meeting in Las Vegas last week. Looks like some details about the upcoming 2019 Camaro refresh are out too. Oh, and there might be a performance EV coming.

Nathan Chandler, from Van Bortel Chevrolet in Rochester, NY was at the event. And while his post on CorvetteForum might prevent him from getting an invite next year, it gives us a bit of info about the next Camaro along with another surprise.

Chandler posted that there were two trim levels of Camaro on stage. A lower trim, and an SS. They had different front fascias, giving each a unique look. That’s as opposed to the current car, which pretty much looks the same in each trim. What he didn’t say was if the fascias would be engine or trim related. He did say that they had LED running lights and auxiliary lights, and that the SS had an extraction hood.

Chandler also said that there was a performance electric vehicle coming out and that it looked like a crossover. He named GM North America President Alan Batey as saying very clearly that the electric would be a performance model. But electric in this case wasn’t specified as full EV or some sort of hybrid.

The next Camaro is expected later this year as a refresh, but a timeline isn’t known about the possible performance electric crossover.

[source: Corvette Forum]