Cadillac Stores Will Need Training Before Super Cruising

Training is a key component in Cadillac’s rollout of its Super Cruise semiautonomous highway driving technology.

Cadillac will begin a national dealer training program this week as Super Cruise equipped CT6s begin rolling into dealerships.

“It’s very important. We don’t take it lightly at all,” Robb Bolio, Super Cruise global vehicle performance manager told Automotive News. “The training is unique, maybe different than anything else we’ve done.”

“Part of that process is the dealers are going to have to take the customers out on the road to experience the system,” Bolio added. “It’s not just, ‘This is how it works, here are your car keys.’ They have to take them out and show them.”

Starting with top CT6 volume stores, training staff will begin visiting Cadillac’s nearly 1,000 nationwide dealerships over the next few months in order to educate staff on the capabilities of the system and best selling practices. There isn’t a certification process like required to sell the Chevy Bolt, but there is a stipulation that the required training be completed, along with online training typical of a new vehicle launch.

The biggest part of the training will be driving home the limitations of the technology. Salespeople need to relay that the technology will not seamlessly traverse toll booths or certain busy highway interchanges; while the company also recommends drivers take control through construction areas, or during heavy snow or rain.

Super Cruise will be offered as a $5,000 option on the $66,290 CT6 Premium Luxury trim, and standard on the top-shelf CT6 Platinum which starts at $85,290.