Cadillac Launches 360 Visualizer for Escalade

Cadillac is letting you get a good look at your new 2021 Escalade before you even set foot on a dealer’s lot. It’s a new 3D model 360 Visualizer that lets you customize your SUV digitally.

The new Escalade comes with eight interior color and trim options, multiple 22-inch wheel choices, and that massive new 38-inch OLED display, and short of walking back and forth through dozens of choices on the lot, this new virtual showroom is the best way to see what they look like.

A 360-degree view lets shoppers “walk” around the Escalade of their dreams, inside and out. They can toggle through the paint choices, and even see the difference between the various levels of interior trim.

“The visualizer allows customers to engage with the 2021 Escalade right from their phone or desktop, six months before the vehicle is available in showrooms,” said Robert Benbow, Cadillac Escalade marketing manager. “And it will only get better over time.”

That’s because Cadillac will update the software as it updates the vehicle. With new wheel and paint choices, plus any other new configuration options.

Of course, once you’ve specced it out the way you want, you can share your 2021 Escalade through social media. Or, probably, order it. Eventually.