We Hear a Cruze Based Cadillac is Coming to Rival the Mercedes CLA…

Based on internal platform codes, sources are telling us Cadillac is working on a Delta based Mercedes CLA rival. 

General Motors has spent significant time and effort refining the Delta platform– as noted in our Cruze review this platform is well worthy of premiums above the Cruze’s $17, 495 MSRP.

Based on what sources are sending our way it looks like General Motors is planning exactly that, a premium vehicle based on the new D2XX platform.

Internal program code D2JL has shown up inside the Renn Center– D indicating Delta, 2 indicating evolution or generation number, J indicating hatch and L indicating Cadillac.

It’s unclear however if the hatch is planned with traditional hatchback proportions, or more of a liftback style like the new Volt.

We were told GM believes they can get a $6,000-9,000 premium for the Cadillac versus the D2XX Cruze.

Another source tells us the cute Caddy is likely to show up with a 1.5T as the volume engine, with the 2.0T doing duty in the upper trims. Both motors are expected to make use of an 8-speed automatic, manual unlikely.

No time frame was given, stay tuned…