Buick at the Superbowl: What Did You Think?

What did you think of Buick’s first ever Superbowl commercial? 

The “I-can’t-believe-that’s-a-Buick” bit is rather played out. I get it Buick, you think it’s hip and edgy to poke fun at your own stereotypes, but it’s not- you’re the only one left snickering at the joke after telling it 20 times to the guys at work.

“I can’t believe that’s a Buick (actually it’s an Opel but I digress), I also don’t know what a Buick is supposed to be.”

And if I don’t know what does the pretty girl pricing out that white 328i know? Exactly.

It’s trite, luxury cars, even pseudo-luxury cars sell on the premise of image- the image that others hold based on seeing you with XYZ product. From where I’m sitting what Buick is essentially saying to the prospective audience is “buy a Buick, none of your friends will care.”

What’s your take?