2021 GMC Yukon Winds Up with Hurricane Turn Spin Feature

It sounds like GMC has an interesting new feature lurking in the computer of the all-new 2021 Yukon. The Hurricane Turn feature might have you spinning like a top.

Motor Trend reported on the feature, which an overenthusiastic engineer reportedly let slip during the launch of the new Yukon last week. If the Yukon is parked on a low-friction surface (think gravel or snow), the computer uses the brakes to help make you turn an extra tight donut.

Floor the gas with the wheel cranked (and traction control off) and it will rotate around its front axle. That’s not all that special, most RWD vehicles can do that. But if you keep doing it, the GMC Hurricane Turn feature will use the inside rear brake to gradually tighten the radius of the turn. Until it’s spinning nearly in place.

It’s like the Tank Turn feature that Rivian demonstrated on its R1T electric pickup, though Rivian uses the multiple electric motors to drive the wheels in opposite directions and this is a fancy application of the brakes.

How does it work exactly? GM wasn’t ready to say since this party truck wasn’t supposed to get out just yet. Expect a whole lot more detail, plus a host of videos of drivers trying the feature out, a few more months down the road.