202 MPH Ride Along in Hennessey’s New Camaro

Meet the first 6th gen Camaro to break the 2 ton barrier…

Hennessey’s latest HPE750 is a shrine to insanity. They took the stock 6.2L LT1 and added CNC ported heads, new cams, upgraded the valvetrain, swapped out the headers and catalytic conversters, added a high flow intake and finished it off with a reflash. But that’s only the HPE600

Bolt a supercharger on top of all that and you get the HPE750…

Although the car in the video is missing the supercharger, so in order to achieve the necessary horsepower they sent nitrous-oxide coursing through its veins.

Keeping everything compliant was pro wheel man Brian Smith at Continental’s Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas.