The 2019 Silverado is at the Theoretical Limit of Cylinder Deactivation Tech

Dynamic skip fire. It’s the hip new trend that sweeping the nation. Kids love it, teens are experimenting with, and even some parents have tried it. But what is dynamic skip fire?

In essence, it’s just cylinder deactivation technology taken to the theoretical limit of the technology. Why the limit? Because GM’s 5.3- and 6.2-liter V8s will be capable of running on as little as one cylinder.

The effect of which is to turn your big burly V8, into slightly more reasonable V6, a fuel-saving inline 4, a fuel-sipping V-twin, or even just a really big Royal Enfield Bullet (kinda).

And that’s the real genius of the “dynamic” part of dynamic skip fire. Not only can the engine constantly pick the most fuel-efficient or powerful setup, it can also choose to close off whichever cylinders it wants to prioritize balance and smoothness.

The real nitty gritty of how the system actually works, meanwhile, is theoretically simple (you just don’t let the valves open), but in practice a little more complicated.

Watch below for a full explanation from Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske, and a solid run down on why running fewer cylinders is more efficient.

[via Road & Track]